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are cafeterias a real thing like do those actually exist in america you just line up and get given gross food and then eat in the same room as your entire school??? if that happened at my school there’d be a riot imagine how loud that would be are cafeterias a myth

…do you…do you
not have cafeterias elsewhere?

Where does everyone outside of America eat?!??!

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That’s exactly what I think of most of the people

Tumblr, please read this and signal boost this post.
Missing 11-year-old, Caitlyn Virts was abducted by her father, Timothy Virts, 5 minutes from my house in Dundalk, Maryland (Dundalk is located in Baltimore County, Maryland). Everyone I know has each gotten the Amber Alert on their phones, and are spreading the word all over social media.
Caitlyn’s father abducted her and police think she’s in danger because she is NOT supposed to be with him. The Amber Alert is in association with a homicide of the little girl’s mother, Bobbie Jo Cortez.
A lot of people are calling police whenever they see a black, 1999 Dodge Durango. The actual license plate is 5AJ4458. Caitlyn is described as 5’0”, approximately 80 lbs. and is possibly wearing glasses. Timothy Virts is described as being 6’3” and 280 lbs.
You can read more about it here.
Please spread this like wildfire. C’mon, Tumblr. I’ve seen you do this before.


If you’re reading this, please don’t kill yourself. I love you & I care.
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A garage to park your boat, on your yacht.

rich people are f**ked up

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I accompanied my mom to the pharmacy to pick up her medication and on the way we got into a argument about me always being on the internet . When we were waiting for her meds some 13 year old was getting a pregnancy test. When my mom saw her I said “would you rather me be pregnant or on my blog all the time”



Shots Fired

drive by gawt damn!